i feel like back to my kindergarten time . . .
hmm . . . let me see ,
i don't have one haha . . .
but this is it

my rorschach images :

i see a rabbit man , standing in a summer field . . .

a brown angel ? no , i think its icarus falling from the sky
but where is the sea ? oh i get it , its a sea of flowers . .

actually i made those paintings to be my inspiration to make a pictures
about spring and summer for my exhibition with my friends (kelaspagi)
at PP .
sadly . . . we have to cancel it , nope but we have to postpone our exhibition
and change place to GI . (amin)

PP sucks , they don't understand about which one is social works or non-profit
and commercial workshop, they can't see the different . . .

first they ask us to make an exhibition to fill their blank space ,
and they told us "its free of charge"

but then they ask us some money which is a lot of money
with blah blah blah reasons that unreasonable . . .

i think they want to play around with us . . .

too much capitalism theory in their head .
snake is the right name for them . . .
because they have branched tongue .

someday , for sure . . . they will be cleaned !

if you want to know about rorschach

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