birth of wiz , with pain on my knee

hi there , whats up ?

i just want to share my story here . . .
long time ago , i raise a flag called "pita - hitam", a video production with me as a single fighter
but i think the name didn't have any prospect , and than i start to think to make another one .
it began on august , with a little chit-chat with my friends aiz .
about dreams . . . til it came to a topic

"how about making a production house?" .

i guess it a must , since i was signing-out (resign) from my old office on september.
(goodbye Trans Corp.)

well then ,
on september 5th , me and aiz , declared to make a production house named
Wiz,inc. stands for WIZ Incorporated .
Wiz,inc. means wishing
a vision of hope , creating wishes into creative works .

we believe that we could realize our wish into something that brings us to a better life.

skip skip

Thanks God,
before we start to calling anyone
a friend call me , his name is Dody .
he said that he has a project to share with us , so . . .
we have a first project to make cd cover + video clip from a group named "3in1"

bla bla bla . . .

here are the behind the scenes , the making of 3in1 - Petarung Sejati video clip.

me as director :

aiz as DOP :

dody as project manager / producer :

a hot day shots :

one of the rap scene :

preview for the back flip kick scene :

back flip kick scene :

and yes , i have an accident here , when i was trying to show a good fall , my left leg slipped and i have a real fall , and have my knee dislocate,
damn it hurts . . .
*imagine when you have your knee turning around to your side leg , huff . . .

look at my left knee , it getting bigger :

after that , aiz and dody continue the shots without me
( damn , i feel useless . . . i can't even walk )

two kick in the air , i just watching from distance :

hostages scene , without my direction :

last scene :

yeah , thats all . . .

if you willing to see the result , you have to be patience :)
because i can't show it to the public yet . . . but i will share it later on our youtube

Thanks to God (Alhamdulillah...)
after the shooting done , i went to "H.Naim" , a massage center for those who have broken bones , twisted , etc .
and the massager told me that my left knee can heal , it just get twisted
and i didn't have any bones that broken .

but until right now i still can't walk straight hehe . . . i think i need more days to completely heal my leg :)

good bye "pita-hitam" , welcome "Wiz,inc."

see you .