Kupu-Kupu Baja

Kupu-Kupu Baja or Steel Buterfly
is a song of CaptainJack , an Indonesian Rock band from jogja ,
they release new single from their latest album ( coming soon )
they contact me to make an image for their song ,
after 1 rejected image , so here is the approval image i made :
enjoy :)

last path

29 years . . .
i've been walk in this world alone . . .
and this is my decision , to end all of single life fears.
my last decision , to make al of these numbness gone . . .

i choose this girl to be my partner for the rest of my life .
i choose this girl , because she is the only one i want to be my wife .

me and her . . . start to begin our endless journey
let us walk in our path . . .
dancing wherever and whenever we want . . .
closer , there are no walls . . .
until the end , we will lean each other . . .

first become last .
because this is what i want and what i need .

today is my last day of being single ,
i will leaving you (my single life)
please don't ever ask me to be back . . .
please don't make me stop my step and turning back . . .

just stay there where you are , and let me see you in my mind only .
thank you . . .

Akankah Dia (Accoustic Version)

hi there , its been a while hehe

i will not talk to much in this post , so i just get straight to the point ,

here is a new simple , natural video clip for sidepony

enjoy :)