my portfolios

my temporary pdf portfolios . . .
contents my photography works , so if you guys want to see it , please download it for free :)
download here

dan bila

sidepony band .
has released their new single "dan bila"
on september ,
they ask me to help them to create neh photo profile , and press release ...
since i see too many press releases are printed on papers , so i suggested to them
to create a video press release , and they like my idea ,

here are their new photos :





and here is their video :

enjoy :)


#saveorangutan project

i designed this tee shirt for charity projects ,
half of price will be placed for saving orang utan from those sick people
who only thinking about their profit only .
i collaboration with my friend, a copy-writer in dentsu advertising .
to create the design , the concept is simple ,
"if orang utan can speak , can have any political rights , they will fight for their rights . but they can't"

so here is the tee shirt :

but the real one is printed in red tees :)